Agonizing Crimson

An Ald-Amura Historic Society game of detectives in the post-revolution
A deckbuilding TTRPG about rediscovering your culture
A new version of L5R, compatible with other editions and with its own stand alone rules
A pamphlet about roleplaying courtly romance
Killing a king is easy. Killing kings is harder. Use the resources of your democracy to erase the sin of kingship.
Ruby Radiance is an accessible, low-commitment, and easy to learn TTRPG
Return home from a mercenary expedition, Rooted in Trophy
A streamlined way to play City of Mist
Praeuro, a post-apocalyptic game of priests and donkeys
This game is very much inspired by Greek Myth, in particular stories about epic hunt and divine punishment.
Breach the barricades, infiltrate the rebellion and tear the rings asunder.
A Trophy incursion about Gilded Age cultists at the peak of their power.
An urban picaresque setting: completely agnostic and full of prompts for the fantastical mundane and lived mythology
It is that time of the year: time to thank the donkeys and adjust budget.
A game about students and the teachers in their lives
A story game about history and those that study it-and how they change it to their desires
A story game about loss, sacrifice, hubris, voyage and challenging prejudice.

Supported by Agonizing Crimson