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Post-apocalyptic game of priests and donkeys as well as the mythic science they do.  

is a game about hearth priests and their donkeys, exploring an icy world. They perform expeditions for a commune of survivors, facing off against terrifying owl-vampires, divine weather and greedy would-be-tyrants . Science, necromancy, grit, devotion and a supporting community: that is how they will seize the future. 

Touchstones for this game include V-IV BCE centuries  Mediterranean culture, video games Transarctica, Darkest Dungeon and Frostpunk (if it had actual punk on it), as well as the data we have on minor ice ages created by industrial collapse or volcanic activity.

Game mechanics draw inspiration from World of Dungeons/Legacy 2e, with additional lessons grasped from from Trophy Gold, Dark Designs of Verdigris and Ironsworn. Thanks for all the designers whose tech taught me how to adapt mechanics from complex games to simpler frameworks, without losing what makes them fun to play with. 

In this game you will find: 

  • An original system to explore the icy post-apocalypse.
  • Ways to use your heat and warmth to bring solace to a cold world.  
  • Rules for community building and asinine companionship. 
  • Lapis: tools to commune with the dead and work necromancy.
  • Lores: personalize your priest with different factions with different priorities to the salvation of the commune. 
  • Calamities: terrible unbound gods, greedy tyrants and antediluvian vampire- owls.
  • Work: liberate, recover and seize work to improve the Commune, bread by bread and brick by brick. 
  • 8 Lores, each with their own Outpost, Social Club and College progression. 
  • 9 Lapides, each allowing a different form necromancy. 
  • 3  example Calamities
  • 2 example Expeditions 

This game is a work in process, and the price reflects this reality.

Anyone buying it early at this reduced price will have access to all future content.  However, the game is at the point of development that I cannot justify further investment. All the money people entrust this project will be used to expand options, revise, art assets, and additional playtesting. 

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAgonizing Crimson
GenreRole Playing
Tagsantiquity, bronze-age, dd, dnd, Post-apocalyptic, small-game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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