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Kriusthos, the last city of the world, the Two-Horns of the Ram. 

Three generations after the apocalypse, the surviving mortals settled in the divine land of Elpis. Meet the peoples of Kriusthos, their relationship with the lands and the gods, as well as the opportunities for heroism and adventure that abounds. 

This setting focuses on: 

Urban picaresque: the city is at the center of social life for even the most distant clans. Most people are not in a quest to save the world but just trying to make do and chase the next opportunity. 

Agnostic Setting: the city has designed to be used with any role-playing system.

Fantastical mundane: the divine and magic are not something strange to the mortals of the city; at every moment they must consider the impact of their actions and their relationship with the rich environment that surrounds them. 

Lived mythology:  myth, religion and legends are not a "tool" or a "quest; there is more to mythology than slaying a "monster". Mythology for the people of Kriusthos is expression and identity, is how they relate to each other and how they relate to the world around them. Not a collection of tropes to attach  to their behavior.

This setting is a LIVING DOCUMENT there will be updates for it. 

For every 20€ this game sells, I will add a new entry of content to the setting. 

For every 50€, I will commission a new piece of art. 

Once we break 100€, I will write rules content for the game.



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