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You love Critical Role, you laugh at The Adventure Zone; or you never listened to any actual play show or stream, but you keep hearing about this game of Dragons and Dungeons on the grapevine and Netflix. 

This game seems super-fun and enables good banter and drama. You want to try that! 

You do some googling, and find out they are asking you 30 bucks for an intro kit? And it is a limited item? And if you then get one, they expect you have to drop another 100 on three books and dice and what not? And seriously, you need to read all that before you try that? Come on, you don't even know if you like to play roleplaying games! You just want to try it. 

I wrote this game for you. 

Ruby Radiance was designed to be an entry point for newcomers, your gateway into roleplaying. It is meant to be accessible, low-commitment, and easy to learn. It is not meant to emulate any Hasbro product or the trappings of OSR; instead, it focuses on the modern podcasting and streaming media. We know you come into the hobby with certain expectations and this game was designed to provide those. 

Every element of Ruby Radiance has been adjusted to bring the same exactly type of drama and hijinks you may have enjoyed in other media. T 

Features of Ruby Radiance:

Self-contained intro; all you need to try your first rpg experience is on this document. 

Magic available to all characters, because that is what you are here for.

A simple to learn, dramatic, tense combat system built upon the revolutionary Trophy Gold engine. 

Gachapon rewards to get from your friends between quests! 

Over 100 single use magic items and ways to customize your own Iconic Item. 

A meaningful class and level system expanding upon Trophy Gold's framework.

Shared spotlight mechanics, and Drama as the focus of character and story progression. 

Streamlined systems that help new players to organise games organically, from individual characters to massive campaign arcs. 

"The Roaring Valley", a simple framework for adventure if you don't want to create your own or play in the world of your favorite show.

But wait! There is more.   

20 community copies of the game will be made available for someone else to pick it for FREE. These are meant for those experiencing poverty and/or of marginalised communities.  For each copy of this game sold, I will be adding an additional free community copy. 

The game is listed as "in development" as a promise. If this experience works, if people are getting into the hobby this way, I want to keep developing this game. I will release more content to Ruby Radiance AND keep working on more projects.  I would love to get a co-op going around this work, do more writers, hire more people to expand content, and damn right I would love to expand the Roaring Valley into a full-blown setting!  

This is the 6e Edition of the game. 

- More Art! So Much Art!

- New Layout.

- Expanded Roaring Valley setting.

- A beginner adventure set in the Roaring Valley setting. 

- Expanded drama rules.

- The 6e edition of the game: just use regular dice! Easier than ever to play this game. 

You can find the previous edition of the game (Zine edition) as a demo


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

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Community Copies

For those enduring poverty and/or of marginalised communities. The joys of tabletop storytelling and collaborative storytelling belong to everyone! 

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