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A great tragedy has befallen your people. A crime has occurred. You need to come together to address this social ill; you send for investigators. Sometimes, all you need is a weird little guy and their noisy habits.

This new magic is all the rage, but is everything as it seems or there are environmental impacts you could not have predicted? Ask the Inquisitor, trained in the links between magic and labor - and the many guises of exploitation. 

The unknown and forgotten dead are strangers to you, but you want to change that. Send for the Mortician, who can bridge both worlds and get clues about who they were and what they would want. 

A caravan has disappeared in a corner of the continent where nobody dares to walk, and you need to decide who even can find the lost. A Bloodhound is already on the trail, using their experience in biomes all across the land to venture the impossible and unknown.

A machine is out of control, and no university or insitution has any idea how to safely dismantle it. The Archeodelver's recklessness makes them kin with those heterodox inventors, and they can find enough about the creator to see your city safe. 

Murder has happened, and a return to normal life seems impossible. The social work of a Detective will help you through this difficult time, restore some normalcy and steer you in a direction that may help you overcome this tragedy. 

Is it really nobody else to succeed the current confederation representative, that they have to serve this position twice in a row? An Apicultor backs their bark with sting, and will yell with figures of authority and shake every tree; no abuse of power will happen under  their watch.

Mystery Chasing Sleuths is a game about investigators and detective types in the world of Ald-Amura. In a world were all needs are met, where confederacies overlap, investigators are the little freaks obsessed with mysteries and that have strange skills and hobbies. Whenever you need a fresh perspective, they are the ones to call. 

This game:

  • Can be played solo, GM guided or GMless.
  • Phase-based play: gather clues in the investigation phases, play blackjack in the parlor scene and see the effects of your theories upon the communities involved in the conclusion phase.
  •  Pacing configuration tools: play the exact type of mystery game you want.
  • Example play and example case as one: you have  the step-for-step play of the game phases through an investigation in a remote corner of Ald-Amura. 
  • Many case starters: pages of examples of all different things that may still require an investigator even in a world-spawning anarchist democratic confederation.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAgonizing Crimson


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I went FUCKING WILD over the implied setting from the word go; this games opens with describing what investigators are and the role they play in a consensus society with no kings or cops; traveling Weird Little Guys who're called in to help figure out what happened before the community itself decides what to do. 

The actual gameplay is very cool too: in act 1 every player gets chances to frame scenes where the detectives make discoveries, while using some really cool abilities. Then in act 2 everyone gets a chance to put together an explanation of what happened, structured by a blackjack-esque card game. 

Outstanding work. Love all the new archetypes, love the adventure starters in the case files section, just a great addition to the universe!


Very Good!