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Legends of the Emerald Republic is part love letter to Legend of the Five Rings, part alternative setting, part its own stand-alone game, part sourcebook. 

In this transformative work we explore a What If, where rival Heavenly Hegemons carve part of the world and the peoples of the Mortal Realm band together. It is messy, it is hopeful, it tries to distil what is most unique and appealing of playing Legend of the Five Rings and then push it to its limits. 

Inside this ashcan you will find. 

  • A Blooming Spring of Hawks and Crow, an example of the kind of world your Emerald Republic can be. 
  • Rules for Character Creation for the Emerald Republic.
  • Anti-lore prompts for the Emerald Republic: a short list of facts sets the tone and mood of the setting, but every single element is decided by your table with our setting-establishing questions. 
  • The Bloom System. The current implementation of the L5R ruleset relies on proprietary dice systems and support for its development has been disappointing. To future-proof content for this game and that ruleset, we present the Bloom System: a simplified set of mechanics that let's you use material from any edition of L5R. Retro-compatible and forward-looking! 

Disclaimer: The transformative work featured on this page and sourcebook sourcebook is NOT FOR SALE. It has not been is in any way authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Asmodee, Fantasy Flight Games, Edge Studio, or Aconyte Books. All copyrights and trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners. Novel content is subjected to its own copyright, trademark, and licensing restrictions.

The Bloom System is available under a CC Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Content created for the Legends of the Emerald Empire is available under CC attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

This ashcan is offered for free, however, we will be accepting donations for further development of the game. While it is a transformative work, a lot of the work is going to be novel, and is gonna need layout, writing, illustrations and design, design, design. Not only that, there will be other costs of production and hosting, that will escalate if we move to a full sourcebook or even stand-alone game. Your donations will help with that. 

What we can do on our way to $1000: 

  • A limited physical print run. 
  • A write-up on each of the five cantons and the five hegemonies. 
  • 10+ schools unique for the republic compatible with the latest edition of L5R. 
  • Techniques unique for the republic compatible with the latest edition of L5R.
  • New titles. 
  • Full development of the Bloom System into its own stand-alone system.
  • Cool design for all the Chambers; represent them with zany flair 

And beyond that?  

  • Techniques and schools designed for the Bloom System. 
  • Expand the Bloom System to do all the things one expects from the source material: duels, intrigue, intricate magics, social climbing and mass warfare. 
  • Commissioned writer and artistic work
  • Seasonal zines exploring different aspects of this world. 
  • Custom designs for all the new organizations of the setting. 

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AuthorAgonizing Crimson
GenreRole Playing
TagsCo-op, fandom, l5r, samurai, Tabletop role-playing game


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