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Triumph! is a stand-alone hack of Bolt system by Ajey Pandey. It uses that fast-paced, modular, dynamic and yet elegantly hackable engine to help you tell the tale of ancient superheroes. 

Unique features of Triumph!: 

  • Super power your rolls!  Channel divinity through yourself, increasing all of your rolled dice. However, the more you give in the more you risk losing yourself. 
  • Triumphant rules! Triumphant superheroes are able to harness the power of communal belief and living myth. Pick which myths change you and let your own personal story leave your mask as you wield your powers for the sake of your people. 
  • Epic encounters! Rules how to create and use a Triumph deck to really kick up conflict between superheroes up a notch! Fight not only your opponent but the environment and public perception. 
  • Borrowed Power! You are made a superhero by the wants and anxieties of your peoples and community, manifest through stories. You will have to answer sooner or later for how you use and abuse this power! 
  • Fire from the Gods, Descend into the Underworld! You can re-enact mythic stories to change your powers, as well as go closer with your relationship with your culture. Quick and easy, allows you to do this as part of a busy session. 
  • Backgrounds! Five new backgrounds, detailing different relationships with Triumph.
  • Roles! Four new rules, adequate to the setting of the Twin Cities. 
  • Feats! Six small Feat trees focused in ways to fight oppression and those that would bring ruin to your friends and communities. 
  • Magic! Two new types of magic: Infernal magic, related to the mundane daily life and material reality, powered by dedicated work; Celestial magic, related to the supernal realms of ideas, powered by inviting them into the world and weaving them into reality. 
  • Stress! Simple Stress system that allows your superhero to keep fighting for long -- at the expense of significant fallout later. 
  • Twin Cities! A small setting: fight against the forces of tyranny and prejudice that are slowly eroding these once-shining beacons of freedom and solidarity. 

Also includes all of the base Bolt rules you need to play! 

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAgonizing Crimson


Buy Now$30.00 USD or more

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