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What is I l Strelhado, Se Alhebanta?

I l Strelhado, Se Alhebanta?,  ILSA, Should Stars Go Out? or just Strelhado is a deck-building TTRPG about post colonial and post imperial challenges and the threats of those same forces with the prefix “neo” attached to them. 

Strelhado is set in the Planalto, a region that has been split across the oldest Imperial border in the world. The people in Planalto have endured centuries of oppression, that culminated in 70 years of a fascistic dictatorship that all but erased their culture. Among the actions of the secret police, the flight of its youth and being sent to die in remote colonial wars, the Planalto culture still survived.  A revolution provided some relief, that has failed to deliver its goals and is set to lay the region bare to neoliberal interests — something that will finish this dark project of extermination. 

In Strelhado you play people trying to find what it means to be from Planalto. Your culture has been lost and destroyed, enclosure is forcing you into the imperial cores of the coast and many of your kin are in foreign lands, expelled and never to return. But you stay, or you want to stay. What are you trying to save? Who are you doing this for? How can you turn the tables on a system that wants you gone? 

Quick Rules

You can find on this page the current version of the Quick Rules of Strelhado. We are aiming for the final version to have unique mechanics and at least 100 pages about the unique cultures of the Planalto. 


We will never sell this game. It will be freely available for anyone to create their own works with it. 

We may do limited print runs of the book or cards, as well as print-on-demand; those will be at cost.  

Therefore, the funding is so hefty. We will make no money from sales AND we are not hiding any costs. Everyone will be paid as adequately as possible and everyone will have access to this game in both its Quick Rules and as a complete game. 

It is a challenging project and an even more challenging funding plan, but I want to believe another way of producing the games we love is possible. 

We have a full breakdown of cost estimations and risk here


Strelhado uses custom mechanics around deck-building and shared narrative setting. The flow of the game flows around Truths, and a shared game deck. 

Truths determine what we know about your characters, the Planalto and their connections. Secrets and play twist some Truths into Harsh Truths. These force your character to confront a Planalto that defies their expectations, but also offer opportunities to turn the tables on your enemies. 

The deck is made mostly of Stats. Strelhado has twenty-four Stats, grouped into four sets. They represent the land, the martial dances of the people, the living belief and the Modern. Each of them has different strengths, kirks and personality. As you play the game, you will customize the deck, adding extra Stats, adding and removing Special cards, etc. The current version of the game uses a playing cards deck as a showcase of the mechanics that will be present in the full version. 

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAgonizing Crimson
Tagscrowdfunding, Deck Building, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


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