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Welcome to the Commune. We are done with kings and magistrates in this federation of peoples. But Kings still want us at every corner.

You play Regicides, members of a special council that operates with disregard to the very principles of the nascent Commune in their efforts to maintain its survival. You tell us what you do is necessary; let us see what sins you replace kingship with. 

Regicidal Council is a game of social engineering, conspiracy and intrigue. Pity many would-be-kings and rival Circles against each other, as you shape the Revolution in the direction you wish, by using a system based in the innovative Ruled by Night blackjack system.

You live in the Commune, going through your life with other communards and performing your duties to your Social circles. But when opportunity or fate demands it, when the ugly head of authoritarian paternalism rises up, you work from the shadows to do what the assembly is unable or unwilling to do. 

You are not a good person: you wield power in a paternalistic, anti-democratic way. Your actions reinforce violence and hurt others in many ways. So why you do it? Are you someone that believes others will benefit of your bloody work? Or you hate the Commune and want something else, some more efficient machine of misery to replace kingship? 


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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